At Elbfair Logistics we guarantee a smooth running of your warehouse business as well as tailor-made solutions for the specific requirements along the e-commerce logistics chain.

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1. Warehousing and inventory management

We can take care of warehousing and inventory management for our e-commerce customers. This includes receiving, storing and managing the products to ensure that your products are available at all times.

2. Picking and packing

We can handle the picking and packing of products to ensure they are properly prepared for shipment. This includes assembling the orders and packing the products according to our customers' requirements.

3. Shipping and delivery

At Elbfair, we can handle the shipping and delivery of the products to the customers. This includes selecting the appropriate means of transport, organising the transport and tracking the shipments to ensure that they reach the customer on time and in good condition.

4. Returns management

We can handle returns management for our e-commerce customers. This includes receiving and processing returns and verifying returned products.

5. Customs clearance

If our e-commerce customer offers international shipping, we can provide customs clearance. This includes fulfilling all customs requirements and processing the necessary documents to ensure smooth international shipping.


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Warehousing is an important part of logistics and plays a crucial role in the value chain of companies. It includes the storage of goods and commodities in a warehouse in order to be able to provide them quickly and efficiently when needed.

Warehousing serves to ensure the availability of products and to shorten delivery times. It enables companies to optimise their production and satisfy their customers. Effective warehousing can also help reduce costs by reducing inventory and minimising procurement costs.

There are different types of warehouses that can be used depending on the needs and type of products. Some examples are:

  • Block storage: here goods are stacked in blocks and managed manually. This type of warehouse is suitable for low-density products with high turnover.
  • Cold storage: This type of warehouse is used for products that need to be cooled or frozen, such as food or medicines.
  • Dangerous goods storage: This is where dangerous substances such as chemicals or explosive materials are stored.

Effective warehousing requires careful planning and organisation. It is important to choose the right storage strategy to meet the needs of the company and its customers. This includes determining the optimal stock levels to avoid overstocking and shortages.

Another important aspect of warehousing is stock management. This involves managing the goods in the warehouse, monitoring stocks and organising incoming and outgoing goods. Effective warehouse management can help increase warehouse efficiency and productivity.

Overall, warehousing is an important part of logistics and can help to increase the efficiency and profitability of companies. However, careful planning and organisation are essential to reap the full benefits of warehousing.


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